Do you find yourself constantly telling your employees what to say on the phone? A phone conversation is just another easy sale for a seasoned employee and confident businessman. As a manager, I have to “stop and rewind” in order to level myself with the young and uneducated. Which brings me to one of the most common issues for companies these days. The younger generation cannot adjust to new objections in a “live” conversation. The solution isn’t unreachable.

Trust. Me.

If I could clone myself fifty times, then I would. Forty of those would be my employees and the other ten would be for my entertainment. But that’s not possible. Plain and simple. The solution… “scripts”. Your interns have to be robots before they can grow up to be big salesmen. It’s a right of passage that every millenial thinks they can bypass. They might not have your brain but they can definitely speak your thoughts.

By Corporate Global definition, a script is an elite-level pitch recorded for the use of low-level salesmen. The user of the script doesn’t have to think… just sell. Quanitity over quality is the name of the game and we pump out those calls at CG. The script will sell the product, not the speaker. Not enough sales this month? The script could use a tweak. The buyer says your product sucks? Yikes, the script needs a revamp. My wife says I need to come home? You got it - I sent the intern to “mi casa” with the wrong script.

Developing a script is easy for a top salesman.

  1. Record yourself leaving a message to a potential customer.
  2. Have your assistant transcribe the message.
  3. Save the file in Microsoft Word.

Wow! That easy? YES.

But if that is too complex for you or you doubt your own sales pitch, Corporate Global has hundreds of recorded scripts available at a discounted price. The best pitches from Herb and friends are just a click away!