First, the printing press. Then, the assembly line.

To say that business has gone through a series of vigorous, earth-shattering changes throughout history would be an understatement.

So, what’s the next big change for companies abroad?

One word: Digital.

Email, chip readers, and bluetooth have emerged as the top trends among tech savvy businesses. Corporations like Yahoo! have started using online servers to conduct business throughout their nationwide locations. Automated record keeping proves to be contesting with manual transactions among top companies.

Is it time for businesses to set aside their paper for online filing? Is the world ready for paperless business? Is paper a thing of the past?

By integrating this higher technology, brands have seen a drastic increase in reaching target markets. However, this comes at a cost. With greater technology, comes a greater risk of being hacked. As many as 9 in 10 Americans have their identity stolen throughout their lifetime.

One thing is for sure. If Digital is the future, then precautions must be made. Firewalls and Safeguards should be implemented into every corporate internet computer server (ICS). With safety concerns and many other hurdles to overcome, online business has yet to be seen as the definitive future.

With recently elected Donald J. Trump headed toward the White House, business in the United States may defer back to simpler times with paper transactions and checkbooks. But, others say the Digitized process has already stained the economy for the long-term.

Should companies incorporate robots into their production process? Will manual labor make a comeback?

Only time will tell if the Internet is here to stay.