“I’m sorry, I really am. We’re going with another agency.” The phone clicks. You’ve blown the deal. You feel your ears turn red as your blood starts to boil and the catered Subway sandwich you ate for lunch churns fiercely in your stomach. It takes every ounce of restraint in your body not to flip your desk. You fire the first intern that walks by your office as you reach for a bottle of scotch.

While we’re not in the habit of losing deals at Corporate Global, any business professional has experienced these feelings of unbridled anger at least once. Workplace rage is just a part of the job - and part of the fun! Here are a few tips on how to use your hot temper to improve your health and productivity.

1. Rage Earned at Work Should Be Spent at Work

If you are on the clock when experiencing work-related fury, your employer owns that negative energy and you owe it to them (and yourself) to pour it right back into your work. You’re a more valuable employee when you’re angry - your heart rate is raised, your mind is laser focused, and you’re ready to destroy the competition. Don’t worry about teammates who try to get in your way or calm you down. They aren’t able to harness their darkness like you are.

2. Don’t Go Home

Your first instinct after missing out on a promotion or getting turned away by yet another potential client may be to head home - don’t. Your wife and kids may help calm you down, but what will they do to improve your career prospects? Instead head to the bar or the driving range, where you can network and expand your business pipeline. Or better yet, dive back into your work, stay the night at the office, and improve your sales figures the old fashioned way.

3. Keep the Client in the Dark

As with most things in the world of data-driven strategies, it’s best to keep the client unaware of any changes or issues. This is especially true when it comes to personal matters! The client is paying for your service, your time, and believe it or not, your personality. Put on a smile and try not to foam at the mouth as you mentally walk through the source of your frenzy over and over again. Restrict small talk to the acceptable topics of professional sports and holiday plans. Avoid bringing up the extreme pressure you may be under or your rage-induced physical numbness.

Every company will have different policies about how to handle the full spectrum of emotions in the office. Hopefully these quick tips help you avoid a visit from HR and keep your nose to the grindstone.