The digital age is, like it or not, here for the long haul. Our experts discussed this long before anyone else, almost a year ago. Our only concern was whether the new president would do anything to change the course of tech in business, but it seems not even he can stop this tech avalanche.

One thing that technology has created though is data. Before now, there was very little (if any) data out there in the business world. Now, it's everywhere. Every time you touch, click, scroll, open, walk, talk, or otherwise interact with technology, data is getting stored up in the "cloud" (the cloud is barely comprehendable - too much for this article).

Now, what do you do with all that information up in the sky? How do you predict whether rain is coming down from the cloud?

You hire a weather forecaster. Or in this case, a data analyst.

These analysts use charts, plots, lines, bubbles, and more to help you run your business more efficiently. You need some feedback on KPIs to see if your salespeople are ACTUALLY working tirelessly to keep acquiring business? Data analysts can do that. What's the ROI of that millennial you just hired to run your social media? They've got you covered there too. (And don't worry, I'll be posting a business "alphabet soup cheat sheet" with all the acronyms you need to know.)

These folks will be one of your greatest investments in your company moving forward. You will have to transition to utilizing all of this information and learn how to interpret it as your business grows and grows. Lucky for you, I will be here to help you navigate this transitional time. Make sure you check our website frequently so you can stay up to date with breaking business news, tips, tricks, and why don't you give my pal @buddycfo a follow on Twitter?