Before we get started, I have a simple request to make to all of you, my loyal readers - please like, comment on, and, most importantly, share this article.

Thanks so much for doing that. Now, let's discuss today's topic: viral content. Viral content is the catch-all term used for articles, images, and videos that users view then share with other users, who then share it with even more users, creating a massive chain effect as the cycle repeats. Before long, the digital media has been seen by thousands or even millions of users, flashing across screens all around the world. The content is referred to as "viral" because it spreads rapidly, much like a deadly infectious disease. While most demographics enjoy viral content, millenials especially tend to create and share it. Unfortunately, members of Generation X have proved to be mostly inept (go figure) at creating viral content, although they do consume it with vigor.

You may be surprised to hear that most content that "goes viral" is not marketing-related or created by corporations. That hasn't stopped all serious digital marketing firms from hiring legions of social engineers, video editors, and even graphic designers, in an effort to attach their brand to hot content. This has not been without consequences.

Deep in every marketer's heart, there is a burning desire to create his own viral campaign. Most will never even come close. This typically leaves feelings of failure and inadequacy scattered amongst the wreckage of a shattered ego. Personally, I've always been able to go viral, almost on demand. Just look me up. However, the urge to advertise on a worldwide scale can be troublesome even for those who are able to do so more than once. You see, the craving for virality is like an itch that never truly goes away - it just dulls down for a little while. Before I've even finished watching the notifications pour in from my latest wildy successful post, I find my mind wandering to thoughts of how to generate another shareable promotion.

So here I am pounding on the keys once again, with an intern staying late to proofread, post, and share the article when I'm finished. It is easy for me to write the article of course, but still, I wonder if I will ever be at peace with the content I produce.