Let me tell you why it is time to quit your New Year’s Resolution if you haven’t already. We all know someone who uses each January to say “new year, new me.” These types of people are the ones buying up gym memberships and subscribing to diet plans while they should be working on what really matters, their careers. Don’t be like these people - hear me out when I say you don’t need to resolve anything in 2017.

Chances are if you are reading this article then you’ve already peaked in your career path. You’re happy where you are at work and in life because of the decisions you’ve made so far. So why would you change that? Let’s look at myself as an example. Ever since I have joined the team at Corporate Global I have found tremendous success. My network, executive friendships, and wallet have grown faster than you can say hard work. And you wonder why that is? It’s because I’ve done the same simple thing everyday of my entire life, work. You should always be working at something. Work at work, work at home, think about working when with family, and if you’re lucky, dream about work.

If you are not doing this already then I am afraid it could be too late. Change is not good for success. Look around to the major corporations of America and you will see the same businesses putting out the same product day in and day out. With change you could introduce more distractions to your work that may cause you to fail in other areas. That’s why at Corporate Global if we fail, we try and try again until we reach perfection.

So the next time you hear someone talk about their New Year’s Resolution, ask them, “Are you resolving to work?” If they say no then chances are they are a waste of your time. How many people have you ever met that complete their 365 day resolution? Exactly. So you might as well not have one. “It is better to not try and to succeed than to try and to fail.” -Unknown.

Plus, January 1st has passed so you would have to wait until next year to try to start working. After missing a year of potential resolution you would need a New Year’s REVOLUTION in 2018 to catch up.